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Amputation Prevention Service

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Amputation Prevention Service

Offering alternative treatment options to foot, ankle, and leg wounds at risk for amputation.

Here at Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists, we have a dedicated team of surgeons who offer the following amputation prevention services:

Wound care clinic: We offer wound care services from 7am - 6pm from Monday to Friday. Same day appointments available, just call the office to ask. If we can’t get you in the same day, we can guarantee an appointment the next working day.

Emergency surgical services: Our team of podiatrists offer 24/7 on-call amputation prevention services at all major hospitals in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque.

Common problems we treat:

Diabetic foot ulcers: Diabetic foot ulcers can be stubborn and feel like they are never going to heal. That’s because a lot of them are caused by biomechanical issues. Once the biomechanical issue is diagnosed and treated with a concept called surgical offloading, ulcers can heal very quickly. Our team of podiatrists are trained and skilled in these surgical offloading procedures. These are typically done in-office, minimally invasive requiring either a very small incision or no incision at all.

Venous leg ulcers: We have successfully treated venous leg ulcers that have been present for over a year with surgical and non-surgical treatment. Sometimes the problem is because the swelling is not adequately addressed. We use a special bandage system where the whole foot and leg is wrapped to control the swelling. This needs to be done weekly. Our wound care clinic is fully staffed to provide weekly appointments to patients that need it. We also work closely with local vein and lymphedema specialists to provide immediate and long-term treatment to get these leg ulcers healed and to stay healed.

Soft tissue and bone infections: Foot infections can be scary for patients because they heard stories about people getting their legs and feet amputated. We understand this and our goal is to prevent amputation if at all possible. In order to do this, it requires immediate treatment, both surgical and medical, sometimes in office, sometimes in the hospital. Our team of podiatrists specialize in limb salvage and will work together to ensure the best possible outcome to our patients.

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